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100 Free eBay Listings August 16th to 18th Invite Only

I received an email this morning inviting me to take advantage of 100 free eBay listings this morning. Only on one of my eBay accounts however.

This means I’ve had some kind of offer on at least one of my accounts for the last month.  I think eBay are shaking up their free listings promotions as there isn’t as far as I can see any pattern to which of my accounts receive the promotion.

They’re also getting lazy as they’re using the same graphics for each one.

It’s opt in so you need to accept the offer and its for both auction and buy it now style listings.

You can check out the terms and conditions or learn how to check if you have the offer.

100 zero insertion fee listings 2nd to 4th August 2015

Bucking the recent trend of a free listings promotion every other week eBay has another 100 free listings from now until midnight 4th August 2015.

Terms and conditions can be found here.

It’s an opt in offer so you need to accept before listing or you’ll eat into your free monthly listings.

Sorry for the short post today!

Free eBay listings 22nd to 27th July 2015

Sorry to be a little bit late with this news, I know quite a few people who read this blog and follow me on Twitter use it as their primary source of free listing info! I’ve been at a wedding this week and haven’t had chance to post.

So as you may or may not already be aware we are in the middle of a 6 day free eBay listings promotion!  Listings began on 22nd July and run through until midnight on the 27th.

Opt in
As usual you need to opt in to accept the free listings, otherwise anything you list will come out of your monthly allowance or you’ll be charged for it.

You may list either auction style or fixed price with best offer. Regular fixed price listings will be charged in the normal way. Full terms and conditions can be found here.

6 day promotion
I’m not sure why this particular promotion is 6 days long but had I not been away I would have certainly taken advantage of that and listed some 10 day auctions beginning on Thursday to end the following Sunday. Giving two weekends of exposure.

It’s late on Saturday but you have all of Sunday and Monday to take advantage of the promotion.


100 Zero Insertion Fee eBay Listings 12th to 14th July 2015

Just a quick post, from now until midnight on the 14th July you have 100 free listings at either auction style or fixed price.


You need to opt in to take advantage as usual. Dont do what I did 2 weeks ago and list 20 things and wonder why you had to pay for the rest! I forgot to opt in!

Check your email, eBay messages or log in and look for the prompt and if you still can’t find the offer, check the post I did on how to accept eBay free listings for instructions.


Terms and conditions exist as always.

Free eBay Listings 14th to 16th June 2015

After last weeks phantom listing promotion I was sceptical if this week would see one or not and when Saturday came with no sign of one I didn’t think it was going to happen.

Then after the clock struck midnight I decided to check my account and I had an offer.


100 free listings either auction style or fixed price. Listing upgrades still apply.  So if you were expecting free listings last week and saved listings as crafts you can set them live now.

The zero insertion fee listings run from Sunday 14th June to midnight Tuesday 16th June 2015.


I shall be setting my listings live Sunday evening.  I’m interested to know of many people start listings on a Monday or Tuesday? I try to have mine end on a Sunday evening and so will sometimes run 5 day auctions on a Tuesday if I miss the sweet spot of starting around 7pm on a Sunday.

As always you need to sign in and accept the offer for it to become live, so don’t forget.


Terms and conditions can be found here.

eBay Free Listings Promotion 1st to 3rd February 2015


EBay have just revealed that invites sellers have 100 Zero Insertion listings to use from 1st to 3rd February 2015. 

They’re sticking to the recent pattern of starting the promotions on a Sunday and letting them run until Tuesday. I personally preferred when they started on a Saturday but I’m sure eBay have their reasons. I suppose ending the promotion on a Tuesday allows people to list on 5 day auctions to have their items end on a Sunday.


As with all eBay free listings you need to opt in to use them and if you have good till cancelled items up these count too. So accept the offer and start listing now.


Terms and conditions can be found here. This week it’s bog standard listings only so if you have listings ready to be reused from previous weeks when gallery plus,  buy it now and other auction upgrades were free remember to remove the upgrades or you may well find yourself paying more than you expected.


100 FREE eBay Listings 22 to 27 November 2014

Just a quick heads up that having just received an invitation from eBay they are giving us private sellers free listings again this week!


The zero insertion promotions of late have been a bit strange for me,  not your average promotions lasting the weekend but spilling over into Tuesdays and sometimes not starting until Sunday etc. Also the last 5 or 6 have been opt in only,  meaning if you have good till cancelled listings they won’t be free unless you accept.


You’ve got from NOW until 27th November 2014 to use your 100 Zero Insertion Fee Listings to get some stuff flogged in time for Christmas.

And you can use the cash to buy presents,  so get listing!


100 Zero Insertion Fee Listings 25th to 27th October 2014


EBay are for the third week in a row offering 100 free listings to private sellers. I’m getting quite accustomed to this! Not only am I saving quite a hefty amount on listing fees but I’m also motivated to sell list a lot more of the things that are cluttering up my house before I move soon.

As with the free listings last week this promotion is for people who opt in only,  so do it as soon as you can.

It might be worth noting if you have good till cancelled listings and they are set to renew during the 3 days this promotion runs then they will count as free listings.  But Only if you opt in before they renew.

So even if you don’t plan on listing anything new it’s worth opting in just for that.

This is a 3 day event,  meaning you have from Saturday to Monday to take advantage.

Happy listing. You can find the terms and conditions here.


Invite Only Free Listings Between 18th and 20th October 2014 with eBay

I’ve just had an email from the kind folks at eBay inviting me to “Accept the offer and get 100 free listings”.   As I opened the email I saw an autumn themed image urging me to have a clear out with the free listings. This was a welcome surprise as there was a free listings promotion last weekend too.

When I looked a bit deeper I realised that this offer isn’t open to everyone and not only do you need to be invited,  but you also need to opt in via the link in the email.


So if you’ve checked your email and you’re eBay messages and there’s no invitation,  then sorry but for whatever reason eBay haven’t chosen you for this promotion. I’ve got three separate accounts and only one of them received the invite.

I accepted the offer and signed in and now I’m ready to rock and roll or something like that.


Zero insertion fees for up to 100 listings from NOW until midnight on Monday,  which is handy as I really do need to clear out the clutter before I move house next month!

As always the usual terms and conditions apply,  but please remember that to accept this offer you MUST opt in!