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Free Listings and Final Value Fee Discounts this week at ebay

From today, that’s the 10th October 2015 for anyone reading in the future, until midnight on the 15th October 2015 you have 40 free ebay listings to use.

But there’s a kicker, you also get 50% off  the final value fees of those 40 items!


So instead of just relisting everything that didn’t sell last month, have a think on what might sell for the most and list those things first.

As you’re getting a 50% discount on FVF fees which are of course dependent on the final sale price it makes sense to try and maximise the discount.

Happy listing.

Terms and conditions can be found here.


EBay Easter Listing Promotion 3rd to 7th March 2015

EBay announced their Easter promotion in the early hours and its better than the standard fare.


Not only do you get the standard 100 zero insertion fee listings at either auction or fixed price, but you also get the chance to earn a 20% final value fee discount on 100 items too! But there is a catch.


When I logged in I found that I didn’t have to opt into the 100 free listings and one of my items had already auto renewed and used one of them, but I did need to opt in for the final value fee discount.

The catch I mentioned earlier is that its only on items which sell for over £30 qualify for this discount.  So if you were planning on selling higher value things like phones or tablets, this week is an ideal time to do it.

If you sold something for £100 you would typically pay £10 final value fee and so the discount would be £2. It’s not the hugest amount but better than nothing and if you do manage to sell 100 items its certainly worth it!

The promotion lasts all over the bank Holiday Easter weekend from Goof Friday 3rd March past Easter Monday and into Tuesday 7th March.

The hook again is to sell your stuff to fund a holiday. Terms can be found here.