Final Summer Fling with 100 Free eBay Listings 26th to 31st August 2015

Starting NOW you have until midnight on 31st August 2015 to get listing.  Ebay new promotion which seems to have gone to everyone is centred around the end of the summer. As if we need reminding ebay!

They have even brought out a new set of graphics featuring deck chairs with Union Jack cushions on to illustrate this.

It’s an extended promotion meaning you have six whole days to take action.  I personally would recommend either starting your auctions on Thursday or a Friday at 3 day auctions to take advantage of them ending on either Sunday or Bank Holiday Monday evenings. Or if you want two weekends of eyeballs on your listings then start on Thursday and use 10 day auctions!

There are the usual terms and conditions and you have to opt in to receive the listings.

It will likely be that after this that ebay will revert back to their usual biweekly promotional schedule meaning that your next chance for free listings will not be until 13th September 2015.

So the choice is yours enjoy the last remaining days of the school holidays in the sunshine or do some listing! Of course the weather could always make that decision for us!

9 thoughts on “Final Summer Fling with 100 Free eBay Listings 26th to 31st August 2015”

  1. Hi. Hope you can help me (as I’ve contacted eBay and they can’t seem to help). I hardly ever receive promotions from eBay on free listings, yet my husband receives them regularly. The last one I received was early August. I’m desperate to sell more – is there anything you recommend I do to increase my chances of being selected for these promotions? I’m an ‘above standard’ private seller with nearly 2,000 positive feedback (100%). I feel I’m being excluded even though I’m a good customer!

      1. Thanks Mark. I’ve heard of it (my husband and sister both received it), but yet again I haven’t been included. I’ve looked in the area it should be in but there’s no record of it on my page. I’ve contacted eBay 3 times in the last two weeks and they say there’s nothing that can be done as it’s down to the Marketing team ‘randomly’ selecting the customers. I’ve been in tears as there’s so much I need to get rid of – so frustrating!

        1. There’s nothing stopping you opening a new account, or multiple accounts to take advantage. You’d obviously have account limits but might be worth looking into. Is it a UK account?

          1. Yes, it’s a uk account. I wanted to avoid opening new ones as I have so much positive feedback. I wouldn’t want to put off potential buyers if I only had a handful of positive comments. I may have to if this continues though!

          2. Not sure what else to suggest to be honest, it wouldn’t take too long to build up a few positive feedback comments, if there any buying you need to do you could buy the things on it to increase your feedback.

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