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How to guides for some of the more interesting or complex tasks which eBay users will encounter.

How to find eBay Listing Promotions on

If you are a regular follower of this blog you may know that I write a short post every time there is a new eBay free listings promotion.  The reason I do this is because it isn’t always obvious when these promotions are.  To eBay’s credit they do email you, send an ebay message and sometimes have a pop up when logging in, but not always.

I recently had a comment from Mrs Murray with a question:

Mrs Murray Comment


In a nutshell Mrs Murray and no doubt countless others are finding it difficult to access and take advantage of the listing promotions lately.  It used to be easy to take advantage as you were automatically opted in, you didn’t have to do anything other than list items but nowadays you need to opt in and it’s not always obvious where to do that!

There are a few ways of doing it, the easiest way to do it is to look for a message which ebay may have sent you.  Either to your email inbox or to your ebay messages inbox.  The subject will generally be something like “Accept the offer and get up to 100 free listings”.  There will be some information about how the listing promotion works and generally a link to click which will opt you in to the promotion.

For whatever reason if this doesn’t work, or isn’t an option there are two more ways which I have used in the past to opt in.

Step 1: Log into ebay

Once you have logged in there may be a promotions screen which appears telling you of the promotion, if there is, brilliant, just click the picture and you will be opted into the promotion.

Step 2: Hover over My eBay to display the options



Step 3: Select Selling

From the drop down list select “Selling” to take you to the selling page, you might have to select “All Selling” from the next page.HowToFindPromotion02


Step 4: Scroll Down



Step 5: Keep scrolling

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.



Step 6: Get Offer

Click get offer and bobs your uncle, you have now accepted the offer and the promotion is live!


I hope this helps, if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and thanks to Mrs Murray for the question!

eBay Bug Explained Multiple values for Suitable For

First of all of I am stating the obvious with this post please let me know, similarly of you have encountered this bug and turned to google for help and found nothing except this article please also let me know!

I have just been relisting some unsold items using the quick relist feature on the website on my PC.

I was uploading around 20 items and noticed an error I hadn’t seen before:


Multiple values for Suitable For


Initially I ignored it and tried to submit my listings anyway. EBay submitted all but the ones with issues. So I knew I had to address something.

From within the multiple relist interface I couldn’t find the error which was causing the problem. So I cancelled changes and opened the offending listings separately.

I got a little more information on the error:


Multiple values for Suitable For. Only one value is expected. Please remove all extra values and retry


I then tried relisting a few more items and discovered that the same error occurred on all of the board games I had tried to relist.  The penny started to drop.

Within the item specifics for board games there is a section which says “Suitable for” and you can choose Children, Adults, Families etc.


All of my board games which were first listed a few months ago had been marked as suitable for all three.  A recent change must mean that now only one entry is acceptable in this field.

It is possible to ignore the error and submit the item as usual and it will let you, similarly if you choose to relist on the mobile app it won’t even pull up the error so there are ways around this.

Its actually more noticeable on the mobile app that this is the issue.


See in the above picture the item is suitable for Children, Family and Adults. Well if you click into the field on the mobile app you are met with radio buttons rather than check boxes.


This means you can now only choose one rather than all three and has surely been rolled out by eBay in the past week as I’ve never noticed it before.

I hope this quick explanation makes sense, I wrote it in a rush after fixing the issue for myself and having unsuccessfully googled it thought someone else may be having the same issue.

I don’t doubt that there are more subtle changes in some of the other categories, if you spot one, let me know!

Always Check Old Books for Money

This is the second time I’ve written this post, for some reason the first draft deleted itself, so de ja vu here!

Just a quick post today which relates to selling books online. I’ve currently got a literal ton of books which I am sorting out, categorising and eventually selling and whilst doing this I remembered something that I have seen on TV shows such as Storage Wars etc.

The stars of the show are always flipping through books looking for money and often find some hidden away between the pages.

I, along with all the rest of the viewers probably thought that any money found was planted, but something happened today which changed my opinion!

I began listing some books and came across two by Paulo Coelho.

Upon flicking through Veronika Decides to Die I found actual real life spendable money! Albeit only $2 and its not like I can send it in the UK but I’m sure it illustrates that you never know exactly what you’ve got between the pages!

I’m currently in the middle of writing a shirt series on selling books online and this will follow in the weeks to come, hopefully I will make more than the two dollars I’ve found today!