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Always Check Old Books for Money

This is the second time I’ve written this post, for some reason the first draft deleted itself, so de ja vu here!

Just a quick post today which relates to selling books online. I’ve currently got a literal ton of books which I am sorting out, categorising and eventually selling and whilst doing this I remembered something that I have seen on TV shows such as Storage Wars etc.

The stars of the show are always flipping through books looking for money and often find some hidden away between the pages.

I, along with all the rest of the viewers probably thought that any money found was planted, but something happened today which changed my opinion!

I began listing some books and came across two by Paulo Coelho.

Upon flicking through Veronika Decides to Die I found actual real life spendable money! Albeit only $2 and its not like I can send it in the UK but I’m sure it illustrates that you never know exactly what you’ve got between the pages!

I’m currently in the middle of writing a shirt series on selling books online and this will follow in the weeks to come, hopefully I will make more than the two dollars I’ve found today!


How Google Goggles made me 70 pounds

Some of you may be familiar with Google Goggles and this isn’t to be confused with Google Glass it’s actually a reverse image search app which I have found to be very useful,  both on purpose and by accident!


I’m a big fan of Google Apps,  I’ve got an android phone and use a lot of the apps pictured above on a regular basis.

The Goggles App is as I previously mentioned a reverse image app,  which means you take a picture of something or import a picture and Google searches for similar images and tells you what it is and provides links to resources which may be useful.

I’ve managed to identify obscure logos of items in selling as well as patterns on high end wallpaper using the app and managed to write clearer item descriptions because of this.

A curious feature of the app is to have it automatically scan every photo you take and run it through the Google search engine and alert you to anything interesting. Now depending what you’re taking pictures of you may or may not want to have this feature turned on as the thought of the big G having access to your photos may well be too Big Brother for you but I don’t really mind and like I said the app recently made me £70, so I’ll be leaving it on!

I was going through a box lot I bought at auction years ago which has been sat in the garage ever since. I picked the more interesting items out and listed them and found a Vase wrapped up in an old cloth, or so I thought.

The cloth turned out to have a design on it with a Woodpecker in a tree and while I didn’t think it particularly nice myself, I thought I would list it anyway.

So I opened up the eBay app and cracked on with the listing of “Vintage Woodpecker Wall Hanging” or something similarly obscure. Then it came to taking the pictures and I did so as I usually do with the eBay app.

Then a curious thing happened, a Google Goggles notification popped up in my task bar and good me that it recognised something!


As you can see in the image it names the piece as The Woodpecker by William Morris. This is supplemented by a screen with results on.


Clicking on them opens the results. Now armed with the knowledge of what the thing was I searched eBay and found one currently for sale fur £82!


After getting a bit excited that the “cloth” that I thought was worthless was actually worth quite a bit! So I checked the completed listings and was even more pleasantly surprised!


Similar items were selling for quite a bit and so using the information I now had from the eBay Listings I was able to craft a much better description of my own and listed mine as buy it now with best offer for £112.

I set the listing off and got a few watchers straight away, then I got an offer fur £70 after a week or so of going live. An offer I was only too happy to accept!

So I became £70 richer because I had Google Goggles installed! If you haven’t already got it and want to try it out you can get it in the play store if you have an Android phone and the app store on iPhone.


Try it for yourself on items you’re not sure about and you could add extra pounds to your pocket!

Father Sells Sons Car on eBay the Reaction is Priceless

You may have seen stories recently on social media or some of the other news sites about a father who listed his sons old car for sale in a brutally honest and funny way,  it then went viral!

The listing was for a RENAULT CLIO DYNAMIQUE 16V  1.2  REG. 16 / 02 / 2005 , MOT SEPTEMBER 2015


The title of the listing is perfectly optimised for a quick sale:- “my teenage sons 2005 renault Clio, with story time, who would buy it?” Classic!

Further to that dad not only covers all of the points that people would want to know when buying a car but manages to do so in a tongue in cheek manner that keeps you reading. I like his style.

The father States in the listing:

The rear of the car is in fact a large dustbin for discarded fruit ,and Mc Donald’s ,  not for carrying passengers , but still he says he’s loving it !!!

Kind of reminds me a bit of my car!

Anyway early stories covering this listing obviously spread the word and the eBay trolls took notice,  false bids begin streaming in on the car and at the time of writing this the car has had 190 bids and is currently at £4,000,700! Over 4 million quid!


The dad put a few updates on the listing in response to this and this put a new slant on things. Instead of being annoyed at the possibility of having to relist the car in order to sell it he encouraged the false bidding saying it put a smile on his face!

He then suggested that whomever did buy it may want to donate the money paid to charity.

Then this post was made:

I have spoken to eBay tonight , and asked if they would be so kind as to make an offer of a donation to charity for the Renault clio , they have said that they will email me shortly with an offer , so please watch this space , and then perhaps they will allow it to be demolished.

So come on eBay,  do the nice thing in response to all the publicity and make the guy an offer!

I decided to make a bid and if I won offer to make a donation to the charity of choice but was thwarted by EBays concern at me maybe not being able to afford it!