9 days of free ebay listings and final value fee discounts

I opened up an eBay message on my phone this morning and was pleased to find that we have NINE days worth of free listings!!

From October 18th until midnight on the 26th October 2015.


Ebay are giving us 100 listings to use over the next week and a bit and that’s not all, they’re giving us final value fee discounts too!

It seems to depend who you are as to what final value fee discounts you will get. Over my threw accounts I have two 50% discounts and one 75% discount.

The account which I received the 75% discount was the most active of my accounts in the last few weeks and I speculate this may be the reason for the enhanced offer.


You should log in to check which offer you got and don’t forget that you need to accept the offer in order to take advantage of it.

Terms and conditions can be found here, although they are specific to the 75% offer.

What will you list in the next nine days?


4 thoughts on “9 days of free ebay listings and final value fee discounts”

  1. I got this offer, 100 free listings and 75% off final value fees but it only applies to auctions, not fixed price (buy it now) listings. This is no use to me at all and I actually used the last of my 20 free monthly listings and one paid for listing before I realised they weren’t coming off the 100 free listings I have. Such a massive waste of time, I’m really not happy at all.

    What do ebay hope to gain by this? I am not going to list my items as auctions and I don’t see why they would want to force me to do so in the first place?

    1. Hi Kieran, many people still use the old auction style listing, myself included, as the listings are free and you get such a big FVF discount why not consider listing at your buy now price and if any sell then great, if not convert them to buy now listings at the next promotion?

      1. 95% of the items I have for sale are new car parts and when someone needs a part for their car they need it ASAP rather than at least a day or two after an ebay listing ends.

        You do have a point though, I will consider listing 100 auctions as I have nothing to lose that I can see.

        I still don’t understand why ebay are excluding buy it now listings from their 100 free listing promotions suddenly. In the past I have received the promotions that are posted on this blog and they have included BIN’s but all of a sudden the last one was only 40 listings (which was unusual in itself) and while it did include BIN’s it introduced the exclusion of listings of multiple quantities. I suppose this was because the final value fee discount would have covered more than 40 items but now the most recent promotion excludes BIN’s entirely.

        1. I think they just like to change it up a bit, it used to be years ago the promotions were only auctions and they started doing both. It makes sense to me that the more people sell the more ebay make so like you say why restrict it to just auctions?

          I know what you mean about the car parts, people don’t want to wait a week for them, how about 1 or 3 day auctions though? Nothing to lose by trying and all!

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