9 days of free ebay listings and final value fee discounts

I opened up an eBay message on my phone this morning and was pleased to find that we have NINE days worth of free listings!!

From October 18th until midnight on the 26th October 2015.


Ebay are giving us 100 listings to use over the next week and a bit and that’s not all, they’re giving us final value fee discounts too!

It seems to depend who you are as to what final value fee discounts you will get. Over my threw accounts I have two 50% discounts and one 75% discount.

The account which I received the 75% discount was the most active of my accounts in the last few weeks and I speculate this may be the reason for the enhanced offer.


You should log in to check which offer you got and don’t forget that you need to accept the offer in order to take advantage of it.

Terms and conditions can be found here, although they are specific to the 75% offer.

What will you list in the next nine days?


Free Listings and Final Value Fee Discounts this week at ebay

From today, that’s the 10th October 2015 for anyone reading in the future, until midnight on the 15th October 2015 you have 40 free ebay listings to use.

But there’s a kicker, you also get 50% off  the final value fees of those 40 items!


So instead of just relisting everything that didn’t sell last month, have a think on what might sell for the most and list those things first.

As you’re getting a 50% discount on FVF fees which are of course dependent on the final sale price it makes sense to try and maximise the discount.

Happy listing.

Terms and conditions can be found here.


MyHermes Finally Adds eBay Integration to Mobile Website

Regular readers will know that after the recent myHermes mobile website update the ability to import ebay shipments into your account on a mobile phone was removed.

I was extremely peeved about this because I only use my phone to book parcels, it’s a major hassle for me to use a computer and after much messing about I managed to find a dirty workaround.

Imagine my surprise and joy when I visited the myHermes website today to double check a price and I found an update!


MyHermes have finally listened to us customers and added this feature and it’s really easy to use!

Once you’re logged in its really self explanatory.


Simply click import now and choose your date range and myHermes will import the items you have sold and that have been paid for for you to edit and pay for!


This will make my life so much easier when it comes to sending parcels, I’ve actually started sending parcels via the Royal Mail at the Post Office because it’s easier for me to walk two minutes down the road than it is to get on a computer and use the desktop website.

I’m so happy with this discovery that I tweeted myHermes to tell them so. Thanks myHermes!


100 Free eBay Listings until 5th October 2015

Just a quick post today as I’m finding I have less and less time to post at the moment but there is currently an eBay promotion running until the 5th October.

I believe everyone who’s account is in good standing is eligible and you can find out if you have the offer by looking at my article here.

Terms and conditions can be found here and you need to opt in to take advantage.