Final Summer Fling with 100 Free eBay Listings 26th to 31st August 2015

Starting NOW you have until midnight on 31st August 2015 to get listing.  Ebay new promotion which seems to have gone to everyone is centred around the end of the summer. As if we need reminding ebay!

They have even brought out a new set of graphics featuring deck chairs with Union Jack cushions on to illustrate this.

It’s an extended promotion meaning you have six whole days to take action.  I personally would recommend either starting your auctions on Thursday or a Friday at 3 day auctions to take advantage of them ending on either Sunday or Bank Holiday Monday evenings. Or if you want two weekends of eyeballs on your listings then start on Thursday and use 10 day auctions!

There are the usual terms and conditions and you have to opt in to receive the listings.

It will likely be that after this that ebay will revert back to their usual biweekly promotional schedule meaning that your next chance for free listings will not be until 13th September 2015.

So the choice is yours enjoy the last remaining days of the school holidays in the sunshine or do some listing! Of course the weather could always make that decision for us!

100 Free eBay Listings August 16th to 18th Invite Only

I received an email this morning inviting me to take advantage of 100 free eBay listings this morning. Only on one of my eBay accounts however.

This means I’ve had some kind of offer on at least one of my accounts for the last month.  I think eBay are shaking up their free listings promotions as there isn’t as far as I can see any pattern to which of my accounts receive the promotion.

They’re also getting lazy as they’re using the same graphics for each one.

It’s opt in so you need to accept the offer and its for both auction and buy it now style listings.

You can check out the terms and conditions or learn how to check if you have the offer.

100 Free eBay Listings 4th to 10th August 2015

I think this offer is invite only as it had only landed on one of my accounts, but its definitely worth checking to see if you have an offer sat in your inbox.

This offer for 100 free auction style or fixed price with best offer began on 4th August but I have only just on the 6th seen it pop into my eBay messages and I didn’t get an email at all!

It’s opt in so don’t forget to accept and it runs until midnight on Monday 10th August. 

I plan on starting as many 10 day auctions as possible today (Thursday) and then stacking up some drafts in my eBay app to set live on Sunday for 7 day auctions, that way everything will end on Sunday 16th August.

Happy listing and if you didn’t get an invite, don’t worry, the weekend is just around the corner and there may well be more promotions to come!


100 zero insertion fee listings 2nd to 4th August 2015

Bucking the recent trend of a free listings promotion every other week eBay has another 100 free listings from now until midnight 4th August 2015.

Terms and conditions can be found here.

It’s an opt in offer so you need to accept before listing or you’ll eat into your free monthly listings.

Sorry for the short post today!