How to find eBay Listing Promotions on

If you are a regular follower of this blog you may know that I write a short post every time there is a new eBay free listings promotion.  The reason I do this is because it isn’t always obvious when these promotions are.  To eBay’s credit they do email you, send an ebay message and sometimes have a pop up when logging in, but not always.

I recently had a comment from Mrs Murray with a question:

Mrs Murray Comment


In a nutshell Mrs Murray and no doubt countless others are finding it difficult to access and take advantage of the listing promotions lately.  It used to be easy to take advantage as you were automatically opted in, you didn’t have to do anything other than list items but nowadays you need to opt in and it’s not always obvious where to do that!

There are a few ways of doing it, the easiest way to do it is to look for a message which ebay may have sent you.  Either to your email inbox or to your ebay messages inbox.  The subject will generally be something like “Accept the offer and get up to 100 free listings”.  There will be some information about how the listing promotion works and generally a link to click which will opt you in to the promotion.

For whatever reason if this doesn’t work, or isn’t an option there are two more ways which I have used in the past to opt in.

Step 1: Log into ebay

Once you have logged in there may be a promotions screen which appears telling you of the promotion, if there is, brilliant, just click the picture and you will be opted into the promotion.

Step 2: Hover over My eBay to display the options



Step 3: Select Selling

From the drop down list select “Selling” to take you to the selling page, you might have to select “All Selling” from the next page.HowToFindPromotion02


Step 4: Scroll Down



Step 5: Keep scrolling

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.



Step 6: Get Offer

Click get offer and bobs your uncle, you have now accepted the offer and the promotion is live!


I hope this helps, if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and thanks to Mrs Murray for the question!

eBay Scam Email Registration Suspension

My girlfriend was nearly duped by an email she received purporting to be from eBay saying that her account had been suspended.

The email went straight into her inbox and didn’t land in the spam folder as is usually the case.

It looked entirely convincing and lucky for her she asked me if it was legit before clicking anything.


As you can see from the screen shot above it has the eBay logo and colour scheme. The formatting on the screen shot is a little off compared to the original because I had her forward the email to me.

It states in the subject line:
“A2365 Notice : eBay Registration Suspension – Section 9″

Which is designed to instill a little bit of panic to actual eBay users who’s first thought will be to ask themselves why they’ve been suspended, what they’ve done wrong, what will happen to their current items, feedback etc.

The email goes on to say:

“We are writing to alert you that your eBay account has been suspended, because your credit/debit card company declined eBay’s attempt to verify your registration information that we have on file.
Per the User Agreement, Section 9, we may immediately issue a warning, temporarily suspend, indefinitely suspend or terminate your membership and refuse to provide our services to you if we believe that your actions may cause financial loss or legal liability for you, our users or us.
To remove any limitations, you are required to confirm your eBay registration by following the link bel




It further states:

”Due to the suspension of this account, please be advised you are prohibited from using eBay in any way until you confirm your registration.
Please note that this will also affect the ability to sell or bid on items.
This includes registering a new account.

Mike Jenice
Managing Director
eBay Safeharbor Department SD5”

Again the words and language used are meant to instil panic to the user to make them click the link to sort things out.  Many people may click without thinking of its legitimacy and by then it may be too late!

Why do people think it’s real?

Think back to legitimate emails you have received from eBay, they contain your eBay username and it says in the email “Your registered name is included to show this message originated from eBay.” As if this will put you at ease.  What this email actually has instead of your user name is your email address. Meant to make you think that its not a scam because its stated in the body of the email, but think for a second, if they have emailed you they of course have your email already!

Who is it actually from?

The email says its from: “eBay”

However anyone with a little computing knowledge will be familiar how to send an email so that it looks like it has been sent by someone else. Using the contact form on this very website you can fill out your email as whatever you want and it will land in my inbox as though from or Barry I royal or whatever you want. Cue influx or hilarious emails!

Digging down a bit deeper all of the links would send the user to:



Using the google safe browser I visited the site and found a page in Russian, google helpfully translated it for me and it looks like the original page is no longer



What a shame!

The moral of the story is check the following:

Who sent the email?
But remember this can easily be spoofed.

Where do the links go?
Right click and view link text or hold the link on a mobile you can then use google safe browser to view it without any problems.

Does the email include your username?
If not, its not from eBay.

Is the same message in your eBay inbox?
Generally if eBay send you a message (although not always) the same message can also be found in your eBay inbox. If you think the message is for real it will no doubt have a copy there too.

What next?
If it is indeed a spoof you can mark it as phishing, spam or whatever your email client offers, this will help others avoid becoming victims.

You can report to action fraud to make them aware.

If nothing else make sure you delete the email!

eBay Bug Explained Multiple values for Suitable For

First of all of I am stating the obvious with this post please let me know, similarly of you have encountered this bug and turned to google for help and found nothing except this article please also let me know!

I have just been relisting some unsold items using the quick relist feature on the website on my PC.

I was uploading around 20 items and noticed an error I hadn’t seen before:


Multiple values for Suitable For


Initially I ignored it and tried to submit my listings anyway. EBay submitted all but the ones with issues. So I knew I had to address something.

From within the multiple relist interface I couldn’t find the error which was causing the problem. So I cancelled changes and opened the offending listings separately.

I got a little more information on the error:


Multiple values for Suitable For. Only one value is expected. Please remove all extra values and retry


I then tried relisting a few more items and discovered that the same error occurred on all of the board games I had tried to relist.  The penny started to drop.

Within the item specifics for board games there is a section which says “Suitable for” and you can choose Children, Adults, Families etc.


All of my board games which were first listed a few months ago had been marked as suitable for all three.  A recent change must mean that now only one entry is acceptable in this field.

It is possible to ignore the error and submit the item as usual and it will let you, similarly if you choose to relist on the mobile app it won’t even pull up the error so there are ways around this.

Its actually more noticeable on the mobile app that this is the issue.


See in the above picture the item is suitable for Children, Family and Adults. Well if you click into the field on the mobile app you are met with radio buttons rather than check boxes.


This means you can now only choose one rather than all three and has surely been rolled out by eBay in the past week as I’ve never noticed it before.

I hope this quick explanation makes sense, I wrote it in a rush after fixing the issue for myself and having unsuccessfully googled it thought someone else may be having the same issue.

I don’t doubt that there are more subtle changes in some of the other categories, if you spot one, let me know!

Free eBay Listings 14th to 16th June 2015

After last weeks phantom listing promotion I was sceptical if this week would see one or not and when Saturday came with no sign of one I didn’t think it was going to happen.

Then after the clock struck midnight I decided to check my account and I had an offer.


100 free listings either auction style or fixed price. Listing upgrades still apply.  So if you were expecting free listings last week and saved listings as crafts you can set them live now.

The zero insertion fee listings run from Sunday 14th June to midnight Tuesday 16th June 2015.


I shall be setting my listings live Sunday evening.  I’m interested to know of many people start listings on a Monday or Tuesday? I try to have mine end on a Sunday evening and so will sometimes run 5 day auctions on a Tuesday if I miss the sweet spot of starting around 7pm on a Sunday.

As always you need to sign in and accept the offer for it to become live, so don’t forget.


Terms and conditions can be found here.

Parcel Force vs Parcel Monkey why such a big price difference

If you read my last article about myHermes entering the international shipping game you will know I was not best pleased about the price disparity between booking a Parcel Force delivery direct with them or at the Post Office and with a reseller such as Parcel Monkey.


I did some quotes to sample the price difference on 5 different international parcels and found that by using Parcel Monkey to book Parcel Force deliveries I could have saved £65 on the 4 items that Parcel Force would carry. One was too heavy for their network if you were wondering!

I was curious as to why the savings were so great or more importantly why booking direct was so much more expensive for exactly the same service so I tweeted Parcel Force.


.@parcelforce why so expensive to book a courier with you direct? I’ve saved £65 using @parcelmonkey to buy the same services today!

A white lie you may notice as I didn’t actually book any deliveries but I had to fit it on a tweet.

I shortly afterwards received a reply, or rather 3 tweets.

@TheEbayGeek Hi, buy (sic) sending through a third party company you are entering a contract with the company you have used and have agreed to … the terms and conditions of this company not with parcelforce. You will find that the terms and conditions will be … different to the terms offered by ourselves including compensation included on your delivery.


So what I take from that is the only difference is in the small print terms and conditions. You’re paying a premium for Parcel Force customer service and compensation. And a very large premium at that.

While I’m not about to delve into those terms at this point I do know from past experience that when there is an issue with a Parcel you must take it up with the reseller who will if you’re lucky act on your complaint and resolve it with parcelforce.

I had quite a to do with Parcel Monkey last year and vowed not to use them again, I soon went back on this  because they’re just so cheap! You can read about the terrible customer service I received back then on my old website.


It’s worth noting that I did notice that the terms and conditions did differ between both Parcel Companies in that the amount of time in which they will look into issues is different, also Parcel Force will not respond to any queries unless they come via the reseller.

So you really do have to weigh up if you want to deal with extra red tape if there is a problem or hope for the best and go with the cheapest price.  I’ll choose cheap more or less everytime!

If you read the article I link to on my old website you will be glad to know months after sending the item and having battled to find out where it ended up I received a card from the postman to pick a Parcel up from the depot, it was the item which had gone missing! Apparently the recipient had neglected to pick it up within 28 days after he himself was left a card and it was then returned to sender!

I received a further tweet from Jonny at Parcel Force stating that “Contract customers” send thousands of parcels and therefore get a cheaper rate, rather than individual customers who buy direct who pay the full price.

It does make sense to me that resellers such as Parcel Monkey get a buy in bulk discount and pass this onto the customer.

MyHermes Begins to Offer International Courier Service for Parcels

I have never hidden the love I have for myHermes in the past, I have gone from sending less than half of the parcels I send with them to well over 80% of the things I send now being dropped off at their parcel shops or being picked up from my door.

I just love the simplicity of it all as well as the prices!  I didn’t think that I would ever use Royal Mail and the Post Office so little as I do now and MyHermes now ship internationally which may mean I never need to step into the Post Office again!  Maybe anyway.

myhermes now offer international delivery

As a disclaimer before we begin I haven’t actually used this international service yet, in fact I only learnt about it today but wanted to see how their prices stacked up against the other international shipping services I use, namely the good old Royal Mail and Parcel Force as well as the multitude of options that parcel monkey offer.

I decided to use the last five international parcels I sent to set a baseline as to how much it would cost to send with the above options.

5kg Parcel to France

First on the list being a 5kg parcel measuring approximately 40 x 25 x 25cm to France.

First of all I did a Parcel Monkey Quote and was given the following options:

Parcel Monkey France Quotes

The cheapest price for this 5kg parcel is from DPD via Parcel monkey at £15.95 including VAT, closely followed by Parcel Force at £16.55.  I dont remember the actual cost but I do remember in this instance I chose to use Parcel Force as I wanted to drop the parcel at the Post Office rather than wait in all day for a driver to pick it up.

I then checked the Royal Mail website and found that they don’t deliver items this big and heavy, but Parcel Force do, via the Post Office and if I was to go to the post office it would cost me a whopping £37.26 for the exact same service that I could get from the exact same company, albeit through a reseller,  for £16.55! Please note this for future reference as it is disgusting that someone who does not know to use a reseller such as Parcel Monkey may end up spending more than double by going to the Post Office!

Finally i tried out the new quote form on the MyHermes website, unfortunately I couldn’t find a rates table for an at a glance comparison of costs per country so it will be at the moment plug in the details and check the quote.

myhermes online quote for international delivery

MyHermes would charge £39.35 including VAT.  To say I was a bit disappointed is an understatement, i was so sure that they would be competitive based on their UK service.  Still four more quotes to go!

800g Parcel to Australia

Second quote I ran was an autographed book to Oz, which was just under 800g and I don’t remember the exact dimensions but it was approximately 25  x 20 x 10cm.

Parcel Monkey – £20.49 (With either Asendia 5-8 days or Trakpak 4-11 days)

Royal Mail – £18.15 in 5-7 days

Parcel Force – £40.13 in 6-10 days

myHermes – £25.58 in 3-7 days

myHermes didn’t fare quite so badly in this quote however the good old Royal Mail is cheapest and no doubt fastest in this instance.

2kg to USA

For the third test was a parcel weighing just under 2kg to the USA measuring approx 30x30x30, which is a cube!

Parcel Monkey – £28.79 in 3-6 days via Asendia

Royal Mail – n/a

Parcel Force – £47.60 (or £35.89 via parcel monkey) in 5-9 days

myHermes – £46.47 in 3-7 days

2nd place this time for myHermes, but does not beat Parcel Monkey.  Note again that using Parcel Force via Parcel monkey saves over £10 on the in branch price!

5kg to Germany

8kg package to Germany, quite a bit larger package this time at 60 x 40 x 40cm.

Parcel Monkey – £18.23 including VAT via DPD in 2 days

Royal Mail – N/A

Parcel Force – £49.14 (or £18.47 inc VAT via Parcel Monkey)

myHermes – £TOO HEAVY

MyHermes drew a blank with this parcel as it was too big and or heavy!  Again the parcel force fiasco shows why you should always use a third party service

myhermes too heavy

10kg to Ireland

The last item was a 10kg set of old irons which was going to Ireland.  The box was approx 40x40x20cm.

Parcel Monkey – £ 16.43 including VAT in 2 days

Royal Mail – N/A

Parcel Force – £20.90 (or £18.59 via parcel monkey) in 2 days

myHermes – £16.42 in 3-7 days

We have a winner! Finally MyHermes is the cheapest service for something! It may only be a penny but it gets a point for being the cheapest in my book!

myhermes ireland cheapest quote


So in the test above, which was limited to only 5 parcels and 5 weights and sizes of parcels found that Parcel monkey was the cheapest in three of the quotes and Royal Mail and myHermes on one occasion each.

So what have we learnt through this process?  Basically you’ve got to shop around for the cheapest quote, it’s rarely straight forward with international parcels because of all the different countries, sizes and weights of parcels meaning there are a lot of different factors to consider.  I will certainly add myhermes to the websites that I check before sending items but I can’t see me actually using them to send a parcel in the near future unless I sell another 10kg parcel to someone in Ireland, in which case I will save 1p!

It is definitely worth reiterating the disparity in price between the Parcel Force services, if you EVER need to use them go through Parcel Monkey, never take a parcel to the Post Office to buy postage, you are being ripped off something rotten!  I’m so annoyed with this finding I have contacted Parcel Force to see what they say on the matter.  I may write a follow up if they reply.


eBay Reply With Offer Feature on Messages

I generally do most of my ebaying on my mobile phone nowadays, it’s a Samsung Galaxy S5 and with the eBay app I can buy, sell and do general maintenence to my items, answer questions etc with no real issues.  Using the Chrome web browser on my phone I can log in and “view classic site” and access the full ebay website in order to do other things like turn on and off holiday settings etc so I don’t tend to log in on a laptop very often.

Today however I did log in on a computer in order to research the previous article about the potential free listings promotion on 7th June.

I decided to do a bit of housekeeping whilst logged on and noticed I had a new message in my inbox.  The message was from a user I have spoken with in the past and received offers on one of my items, they ended up deciding it was too expensive and I hadn’t heard from them in a while.  They sent me a follow up question which was basically asking what the lowest price I was willing to accept was.

ebay reply with offer feature

Notice in the image above the option to either “Reply” or “Reply with offer”.  I wasn’t sure what this was at first so I clicked it.

It turns out there is now an option to send buyers who ask you a question an offer to the item they have inquired about.  This as far as I can tell is separate from the Best Offer system and is fairly helpful for buyers such as the one above who have either used up all of their offers or are about to.

I sent a reply with an offer of £250, which I would be happy to accept, the buyer now has 48 hours to decide what to do.

Obviously in this situation I don’t know what the buyer sees when I reply so I did a little experiment with my finances eBay account on the same item.  Upon reply the buyer, or potential buyer gets an eBay message urging them to take advantage of this limited time offer.  It also shows that the offer has 16% off the total price and shows how much postage would be and the delivery estimate etc.

ebay offer received

I thought that maybe this feature had been around a while, but I hadn’t seen it as I was always using my phone, so I checked and the offer is also available on the mobile app, so you can begin sending cheeky offers to people who contact you at once.

I suspect that this feature has come about because of the abundance of people who send messages wanting to put offers in to do deals outside of ebay and while this is against ebay policy I know it happens a lot and the main reason I don’t think this will help if because the types of message I get are along the lines of… “Will you give me 10-15% off this item if we complete off ebay as you will save on both ebay and paypal fees.” buyers are keen to sell their items and would receive the same amount of cash and the buyer gets it a little cheaper, so it’s a win-win for buyer and customer, not so much for eBay though!

Anyway in closing it’s a useful little feature that I will use if I sense a customer is on a fishing trip for a discount and I can afford to give one.


Possible Upcoming eBay Free Listings Promotion June 7th to 9th 2015

A visitor to the site left a comment today to say that he had spotted a promotion from eBay stating that it would be free listings from 7th to 9th of June but he had lost the notification and couldn’t get it back.  Thanks for the heads up Ian!  I have managed to find the promotional banner, however it doesn’t act as you would expect…

ebay free listings 7th to 9th June


As you can see the date is clearly displayed on the top right and bottom left of the image to say that it will be free to list auction style and fixed price with best offer from Sunday 7th June to Tuesday 9th June.  The banner is pretty much exactly the same as the banner used this past weekend to advertise the free listings, obviously the dates are different.

The banner links to the promos page which again is the same as last week and you may note that the “When is it” tab just states that the dates are as shown on the promotional material.

When clicking to opt in and accept the offer it takes you to a page which states that the promotional offer has expired!

ebay error when opting in for listing promotion

My thoughts are that as the offer doesn’t begin until the 7th the opt in process is not live yet and if you log in on Sunday you will be able to take advantage of the offer.  However I have been wrong before.

I will be creating a bunch of listings and saving them as drafts ready to go live on Sunday evening when I will be logging back in to eBay on to see if the offer is live, I suggest you do too!

Someone at eBay probably messed up and pressed enter on a banner a few days too early!  it wouldn’t be the first time this week that eBay have made a boo boo sending out emails promising a voucher for £100 off a purchase which turned out only to be £10 in practice. Oops!