100 Free eBay Listings May 30th June 1st

If you have logged into your eBay account today you may have noticed an opt in offer for 100 zero insertion fee listings.


There are two ways to take advantage of the free listings, either:
List auction style or list as buy now with best offer, either way you will qualify for a zero insertion fee listing. Listing upgrade fees still apply.


You need to opt in by clicking “Get offer” and you have until midnight Monday 1st June to use them all.

Happy listing.


EBay Free Listings and Final Value Fee Discount 1 Day Only 17th May 2015

I’ve been waiting for a listing promotion for what seems like months now! As you may know if you read yesterdays post I have quite a lot of books to list!

So I logged in today on the off chance and low and behold there was an offer!


You not only get 100 free listings but also a 30% discount on items listed before midnight.  In which case it makes most sense to list things which are more expensive in order to take full advantage.


I may have to rush list a few things I’ve been holding on to at a higher price just in case today!

As always you must accept the offer by logging in and clicking get offer or you won’t be able to take advantage of the promotion.

Get listing you have 12 hours left! (Or probably much less by the time you actually read this!)


Always Check Old Books for Money

This is the second time I’ve written this post, for some reason the first draft deleted itself, so de ja vu here!

Just a quick post today which relates to selling books online. I’ve currently got a literal ton of books which I am sorting out, categorising and eventually selling and whilst doing this I remembered something that I have seen on TV shows such as Storage Wars etc.

The stars of the show are always flipping through books looking for money and often find some hidden away between the pages.

I, along with all the rest of the viewers probably thought that any money found was planted, but something happened today which changed my opinion!

I began listing some books and came across two by Paulo Coelho.

Upon flicking through Veronika Decides to Die I found actual real life spendable money! Albeit only $2 and its not like I can send it in the UK but I’m sure it illustrates that you never know exactly what you’ve got between the pages!

I’m currently in the middle of writing a shirt series on selling books online and this will follow in the weeks to come, hopefully I will make more than the two dollars I’ve found today!