6 Days of Free Listings 22nd to 27th March 2015

It seems to have been an age since the last eBay free listings promotion but in reality it hasn’t,  but it seems like eBay is making up for this with a 6 day promotional zero insertion fee bonanza!


Granted it is the standard 100 listings you’ve now got 6 Days in which to take advantage of then so no need to hurry.

It’s both auction style and fixed price with no listing upgrades so all of those drafts you have saved you can now make live.


As always you need to opt in to accept the offer and not do what I did last time and burn through my monthly allocation without realising! You would have thought I would have known better!


The hook for this promotion is to sell your stuff to fund a holiday,  which is an incredibly good idea! If I could clear all of my junk I’d probably end up with enough for a round the world trip!

The promotion rums from now until the stroke of midnight on Friday 27th March and you can see the terms here.

Happy listing.

How Google Goggles made me 70 pounds

Some of you may be familiar with Google Goggles and this isn’t to be confused with Google Glass it’s actually a reverse image search app which I have found to be very useful,  both on purpose and by accident!


I’m a big fan of Google Apps,  I’ve got an android phone and use a lot of the apps pictured above on a regular basis.

The Goggles App is as I previously mentioned a reverse image app,  which means you take a picture of something or import a picture and Google searches for similar images and tells you what it is and provides links to resources which may be useful.

I’ve managed to identify obscure logos of items in selling as well as patterns on high end wallpaper using the app and managed to write clearer item descriptions because of this.

A curious feature of the app is to have it automatically scan every photo you take and run it through the Google search engine and alert you to anything interesting. Now depending what you’re taking pictures of you may or may not want to have this feature turned on as the thought of the big G having access to your photos may well be too Big Brother for you but I don’t really mind and like I said the app recently made me £70, so I’ll be leaving it on!

I was going through a box lot I bought at auction years ago which has been sat in the garage ever since. I picked the more interesting items out and listed them and found a Vase wrapped up in an old cloth, or so I thought.

The cloth turned out to have a design on it with a Woodpecker in a tree and while I didn’t think it particularly nice myself, I thought I would list it anyway.

So I opened up the eBay app and cracked on with the listing of “Vintage Woodpecker Wall Hanging” or something similarly obscure. Then it came to taking the pictures and I did so as I usually do with the eBay app.

Then a curious thing happened, a Google Goggles notification popped up in my task bar and good me that it recognised something!


As you can see in the image it names the piece as The Woodpecker by William Morris. This is supplemented by a screen with results on.


Clicking on them opens the results. Now armed with the knowledge of what the thing was I searched eBay and found one currently for sale fur £82!


After getting a bit excited that the “cloth” that I thought was worthless was actually worth quite a bit! So I checked the completed listings and was even more pleasantly surprised!


Similar items were selling for quite a bit and so using the information I now had from the eBay Listings I was able to craft a much better description of my own and listed mine as buy it now with best offer for £112.

I set the listing off and got a few watchers straight away, then I got an offer fur £70 after a week or so of going live. An offer I was only too happy to accept!

So I became £70 richer because I had Google Goggles installed! If you haven’t already got it and want to try it out you can get it in the play store if you have an Android phone and the app store on iPhone.


Try it for yourself on items you’re not sure about and you could add extra pounds to your pocket!

A Week of Free eBay Listings in Aid of Comic Relief March 2015

So between 1st March and 8th March 2015 eBay are running a Comic Relief Listings Promotion.  You can have 100 gratis fixed price or auction style listings if you donate a percentage of the final selling price to charity,  in this case Comic Relief.


The minimum is 10% and eBay will match our donations up to £10,000 which is very nice of them as it is going to a good cause.

So in order to qualify you must set your auction as a charity auction and choose the percentage you wish to donate,  which I assume will likely be 10% for most people who decide to take advantage of the offer. This will enable your listing to qualify for the free insertion.


If you look at the graphic above I can see a few things which I’d like to expand upon. The first being:

“Final value fee credit equal to the percentage donated” does this mean if we donate 10% of the items price we get a 10% reduction of the final value fee,  or if the final value fee is 10% both fees offset each other. I would think it’s the former because if we donate 100% of the items selling price we’d get a 100% FVF credit effectively meaning we pay nothing to list.  I’m pretty sure I’ve got this bit right,  meaning you only pay a FVF on the portion you’re actually making money on but I’ve contacted eBay for clarification.


Second thing to note is that apparently the chance of selling something goes up by 34% if you’re selling for charity. That’s something cooked up by the Columbia Business School in 2011 and I wonder how much this has to do with people wanting to support a charity and  how much to do with improved visibility that eBay give a charity listing.

The terms and conditions for this offer can be found here.

I’ve never listed for charity before but before the promo is over will certainly list something to feel like I’m doing my bit. I’m not sure if listing can be done via the mobile app and that may be a factor in if I take it up or not as I almost exclusively list on my phone these days.

If you’d like some free listings but would rather not donate in this way you can still do so, more info over here.

UPDATE: ebay have made it impossible to donate to charity when resisting items. I have tried to relist some items using the quick relist form and also individualy from within the website and it’s not possible to add donate to charity this way. You have to start a new listing from scratch and when using the mobile app the option isn’t on that either! So unfortunately I’ll not be donating to Comic Relief via eBay this year. Come on eBay, sort it out for next year!


EBay Free Listings Promotions March 1st to 3rd 2015


EBay have 2 free listings promotions live this week each for 100 Zero Insertion items, but with slightly different conditions.

I found this out by logging into my account and looking in the selling manager and spotted two offers waiting for me. One standard opt in offer and the other one which I didn’t have to click the “Get Offer” button to enjoy.


Note the dates on the second offer 1st until 8th March, more on this later.

The first offer is the standard 3 day offer from Sunday 1st March until Tuesday 3rd March 2015 and is for 100 free insertion fees for auction or fixed price listings.

The terms and conditions are of the standard variety and there are no free upgrades or other Bells and whistles.

You have to opt into this offer by clicking the button and then you can list till your hearts content or until you’ve done 100 of course.

The second offer is in aid of Comic Relief and you can read more about it in my next post: A Week of Free eBay Listings in Aid of Comic Relief March 2015