EBay 3 day listing promotion 18th to 20th January 2015


Ebay threw me a curve ball this week,  I’m not sure if it caught out anyone else either but today they sent out invites to private sellers for the first free listings promotion of the year separate to the extended Christmas promotion.  I was expecting if there was going to be free listings this week they would have started yesterday.  So this will be the opportunity for people to get rid of the unwanted gifts they got for Christmas and sell them on for a bit of pocket money.

It’s 100 listings so there’s plenty of opportunity to get things listed in order to make some money from the exercise DVD that Uncle Ted thought you’d like.


Par for the course with ebay of late it’s an opt in promotion so in order to get the zero insertion fee listings you’ll have to log in and accept the offer. But even if you don’t have new things to list but have good till cancelled listings active which will renew it’s well worth opting in as these will come out of your free allotment.

The promotional period lasts from Sunday 18th until Tuesday 20th January 2015.


Father Sells Sons Car on eBay the Reaction is Priceless

You may have seen stories recently on social media or some of the other news sites about a father who listed his sons old car for sale in a brutally honest and funny way,  it then went viral!

The listing was for a RENAULT CLIO DYNAMIQUE 16V  1.2  REG. 16 / 02 / 2005 , MOT SEPTEMBER 2015


The title of the listing is perfectly optimised for a quick sale:- “my teenage sons 2005 renault Clio, with story time, who would buy it?” Classic!

Further to that dad not only covers all of the points that people would want to know when buying a car but manages to do so in a tongue in cheek manner that keeps you reading. I like his style.

The father States in the listing:

The rear of the car is in fact a large dustbin for discarded fruit ,and Mc Donald’s ,  not for carrying passengers , but still he says he’s loving it !!!

Kind of reminds me a bit of my car!

Anyway early stories covering this listing obviously spread the word and the eBay trolls took notice,  false bids begin streaming in on the car and at the time of writing this the car has had 190 bids and is currently at £4,000,700! Over 4 million quid!


The dad put a few updates on the listing in response to this and this put a new slant on things. Instead of being annoyed at the possibility of having to relist the car in order to sell it he encouraged the false bidding saying it put a smile on his face!

He then suggested that whomever did buy it may want to donate the money paid to charity.

Then this post was made:

I have spoken to eBay tonight , and asked if they would be so kind as to make an offer of a donation to charity for the Renault clio , they have said that they will email me shortly with an offer , so please watch this space , and then perhaps they will allow it to be demolished.

So come on eBay,  do the nice thing in response to all the publicity and make the guy an offer!

I decided to make a bid and if I won offer to make a donation to the charity of choice but was thwarted by EBays concern at me maybe not being able to afford it!


EBays New Years Final Value Fee Discount

First of all Happy New Year! I hope 2015 is kind to you and your eBay sales carry on growing month after month.


Second of all and the reason your probably reading is eBay have a new years treat up their sleeves.  To go hand in hand with the still going Free Listings promotion they are offering a final value discount on your first three listings on 1st and 2nd January 2015.

This following a similar promotion before Christmas which was rolled out to only some account holders. This is seemingly available to all.

It’s a 30% discount and could work out to save a pretty penny if you use it wisely! For example if you sell something for £100 the normal final value fee is 10% meaning £10 would be the fee,  and you’d get a discount of £3.  So if you’re selling an ipad or something similar you could increase your profit.

Don’t go wasting your 3 listings on low value items,  list the highest value items first!

Terms and conditions can be found here.


It’s an opt in promotion so don’t forget to sign in and accept it before listing!