15% Off Collect Plus until the end of the year


As part of the eBay, sell your unwanted presents, end of year listing promotion there was a nice little offer tacked on to the bottom of the email.


From now until the clock strikes midnight at the end of the year you can get 15% off parcels over 2kg at collect+ by booking postage through eBay and paying with PayPal.

Not a bad deal if you use collect Plus anyway as it means that you’re paying £5.28 instead of the standard £6 for economy delivery of items from 2-5kg, but when you stack this up against MyHermes who’s standard price for that weight range is also £5.28 is it any better?

I will admit I am a massive fan of MyHermes,  touch Wood,  I have never had an issue with items being mistreated or non delivery in the 500+ items I’ve sent. So with the price being the same at least until next year is it worth giving it a shot?

For me it’s all down to convenience,  my nearest MyHermes parcelshop is about 2 miles away at a Spar store and the nearest collect+ plus store is around 0.2 miles away at a Mccolls store,  which is closer but not open as late.

Having used it in the past on one occassion its just as easy to drop a parcel off as MyHermes and so I’m going to start using it during the offer to give the collect+ a fair tryout. I’ll then review the service in a little more detail when I’ve sent a few parcels.

So why not give it a try if you have some heavier items, everyone likes a discount and you never know it might work out better for you than the service you currently use.

Here are the prices for the discounted price Vs the regular price.


And eBay say: ” Collect+ are offering reduced postage rates (the “Promotion”) from 00:00:01, 26th December 2014 BST until 23:59:59, 31st January 2015 BST.”

 Also you need to have a valid paypal account and also be willing to:

i. Weigh the item and select the appropriate weight.
ii. Print the Collect+ postage label and pay with PayPal.
iii. Drop it off at a Collect+ store.
iv. Drop it off at a Collect+ store.

I’m not sure why you have to drop it off twice perhaps it’s like talking about fight Club? :p I think that’s just a typo!

Will you be trying out Collect Plus this week?


Terms and conditions can be found here.

Special Free Listing Promotion 25th December to 6th January


As expected eBay have announced the final free listings promotion of the year,  which will be the opportunity for people to get rid of the unwanted gifts they got for Christmas and sell things in the “January Sales”.

It’s 100 listings and they last from Christmas day until 6th January so there’s plenty of opportunity to get things listed in order to make some money from that blender that Auntie Edna thought you’d like,  or the Arsenal shirt you got in the work secret Santa!


Departing with what has become the norm with ebay of late it’s NOT an opt in promotion so there’s no need to log in and accept the offer. Even if you don’t have new things to list but have good till cancelled listings active they will renew automatically.

It’s a “special” promotion which means you can select from a series of listing upgrades for free from listing subtitles,  adding buy it now to auctions, gallery plus images and listing designer and scheduling. Select them all or just a few,  just remember if you’re relisting after the promotion ends remove the upgrades or you’ll be paying for them!

Again the promotional period lasts from Christmas Day to 6th January so there’s nearly 2 weeks to take advantage.


Last MyHermes Posting Dates Before Christmas

It’s getting closer and closer to Christmas and although the TV show adverts from early November and the shops sell Xmas stuff just after the summer solstice it always seems to creep up on me.


I’m generally a last minute kind of person and very much like the convenience of ordering online.  I’m not alone, there are loads of us and as long as wet know the last posting days so that we can have gifts arrive in time for Christmas we’ll be fine.

So here are the dates that MyHermes have recommended the following…

“17th December is the last day when a courier collection can be booked for the following day for delivery before Christmas*
19th December is the last day that parcels can be dropped at a ParcelShop for delivery before Christmas*”

Where the * refers to no guarantees but they’ll do their best.


50 Free Listings with Upgrades on eBay 6th to 8th December 2014

If you have checked your emails or logged into eBay today you may have noticed another spin on the zero insertion fees weekend promotion.

Upon checking my emails in the early hours of Saturday I noticed that the nice people at eBay had sent me an email with the subject line: “Your exclusive offer for being a great seller – just in time for Christmas”. There it is,  it’s official,  ebay class me as a “great seller”! I wonder if everyone’s invitation was worded this way?!


EBay are giving us private sellers an early Christmas gift in the form of 50 Free listings with Upto 5 optional upgrades per listing.

This is a little different to the usual offer and eBay have been mixing it up a bit lately.

What do you need to know?

Well first of all its invite only.  So check your email,  ebay messages,  seller dashboard and logout and log back in on a desktop to see if you get a sign in message.  If by this point you don’t have any messages,  then I’m afraid you’ve not been selected.


Second of all this is opt in only,  meaning you have to physically click a button to accept the promotion. I’m not really sure why eBay decided to do this,  perhaps it’s to track active users or to reward those who are active already.

Third if you use good till cancelled and have items renewing this weekend you will want to accept this offer even if you don’t want to list anymore because these are included in the promotion.

Fourth you can choose between the following free upgrades:

… you won’t pay listing upgrade fees for up to 5 listing upgrades per listing. The following upgrades are free: Gallery Plus, add a Buy it now price, subtitle, listing designer and scheduler.

It won’t hurt to take advantage of them all but…


Sixth,  remember whatever free Listing upgrades you choose this week,  remember to remove them when it comes time to relist the item if it doesn’t sell otherwise you could end up paying more than you bargained for.

Seventh there are terms and conditions as always.

So get yourself listing and make some extra cash for this Christmas by selling the tat you don’t want that you got last Christmas!


EBay Final Value Fee Discount Promotion ends 4th December

I’ve been a bit slow with this one,  but since 1st December there’s been an interesting new promotion for invited sellers which gives a final value fee discount of 30%.

But it’s only available to invited private sellers which is why I didn’t spot it,  only one of my accounts received an invite which is not my primary selling account.


It looks like the promotion was aimed at accounts which haven’t sold much lately,  as is the case with the account of mine which it was sent to,  it’s laid dormant with only a few things listed recently.

The terms seem to be if you simply list one item in the time frame and it sells you qualify for the discount. So if you’ve got the email you’ve got the rest of the day to take advantage! It’s only for one listing though unfortunately so make it something expensive to take full advantage!
Here’s the full text:

“Create 1 listing on eBay.co.uk in an eligible category during the promotional period using the auction-style or fixed price format and receive a 30% discount on its final value fees when the item sells.

Insertion fees and feature fees will still apply and will be charged according to the eBay fees policy.”

As usual terms and conditions apply.

MyHermes Urgent Update Upto 5 Working Day Delay on Parcels

I’ve just logged into MyHermes.Co.UK to book some parcels and found an “Urgent Update” on the top of the screen.


” Urgent UpdateDue to unforeseen circumstances all myHermes parcels will be delayed by up to 5 additional working days from the expected delivery date. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

Looks like I’ll be heading to the Post Office today instead.

I sent some parcels yesterday also,  which means I’ve got some eBay buyers to email and inform them there will be a delay in receiving their parcels.
I’ve tweeted MyHermes for an explanation but as of yet there’s no reply or more detailed explanation on their website.

MyHermes have just provided an update:
” UpdateUpdate 04/12/14 14:15: Due to a fire at our Warrington hub, all myHermes parcels will be delayed by up to 2 additional working days from the expected delivery date. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. For more information click

So it looks like the 5 days initial delay was an overestimate but the beginning of the Christmas rush is not the ideal time for a problem like this. Thankfully no one was hurt during the blaze.