100 Zero Insertion Fee Listings 25th to 27th October 2014


EBay are for the third week in a row offering 100 free listings to private sellers. I’m getting quite accustomed to this! Not only am I saving quite a hefty amount on listing fees but I’m also motivated to sell list a lot more of the things that are cluttering up my house before I move soon.

As with the free listings last week this promotion is for people who opt in only,  so do it as soon as you can.

It might be worth noting if you have good till cancelled listings and they are set to renew during the 3 days this promotion runs then they will count as free listings.  But Only if you opt in before they renew.

So even if you don’t plan on listing anything new it’s worth opting in just for that.

This is a 3 day event,  meaning you have from Saturday to Monday to take advantage.

Happy listing. You can find the terms and conditions here.


Invite Only Free Listings Between 18th and 20th October 2014 with eBay

I’ve just had an email from the kind folks at eBay inviting me to “Accept the offer and get 100 free listings”.   As I opened the email I saw an autumn themed image urging me to have a clear out with the free listings. This was a welcome surprise as there was a free listings promotion last weekend too.

When I looked a bit deeper I realised that this offer isn’t open to everyone and not only do you need to be invited,  but you also need to opt in via the link in the email.


So if you’ve checked your email and you’re eBay messages and there’s no invitation,  then sorry but for whatever reason eBay haven’t chosen you for this promotion. I’ve got three separate accounts and only one of them received the invite.

I accepted the offer and signed in and now I’m ready to rock and roll or something like that.


Zero insertion fees for up to 100 listings from NOW until midnight on Monday,  which is handy as I really do need to clear out the clutter before I move house next month!

As always the usual terms and conditions apply,  but please remember that to accept this offer you MUST opt in!


A Spooky 100 FREE Listings October 11th to 14th October 2014

BOO! A Spooky treat for you…  From ebay


EBay have kept up with their loosely every other week Free Listing Promotions with an “additional” 100 free listings this weekend and beyond.

The theme of the eBay banners is Halloween and I guess the idea is getting your listings on for the “holiday” if it can really be classified as such.

Your listings can be buy now,  auction style or a mixture of both,  if you want bells and whistles like reserve price or auction style with buy it now you’ll pay the extra.

There are terms and conditions as usual but if you’ve got an invite in your email,  ebay messages or you can see the listings in your selling manager then you’re golden.


Not only do you get the weekend to list buy Monday and Tuesday too meaning there’s longer to take advantage of the promotion.

So what are you waiting for?