200 FREE Listings for invited private sellers

Leading nicely on from last weekends 3 day listing promotion eBay have another up their sleeve for the weekend inclusive of Saturday 27th to Tuesday 30th September.   This week more is better and so you’ve got 4 whole days to list up to 200 things!


This is invite only though,  so if you have checked your inbox and found it empty except from spam then no cigar I’m afraid! Better luck next time.


EBay playing up today – 3rd September 2014

It seems as though eBay is having a few hiccups today. They announced this morning that they seemed to be having issues but I noticed no problem.

However having come to pack some items up and order some new supplies now I can’t get logged in for love or money!

At first I thought it was my phone but alas eBay have recently made another announcement.

“Due to a technical issue, some eBay customers may notice a problem with key areas of the eBay site. We’re working to solve this problem and apologise for any inconvenience


EBay 100 FREE listings 3rd to 7th September 2014

EBay have announced today via email and eBay message as well as a nice little pop up when you sign in that it’s zero insertions from Now until Sunday!

That’s right a full 5 days to use 100 listings! And you can choose between auction style and fixed price to really make the most of your allowance.

So you need not forget the BBQ and boozy parties, the football and the James Bond re runs to get listing because you have a full 5 days to take advantage of!

As always there are terms and conditions which can be found here.