eBay Free Listing Weekend 14th and 15th June 2014

Free Listing Weekend 14 and 15 June 2014

If you’re like me you may have been thinking that the listing promotions had stopped.  It seems that there has been a bit of a drought lately.  I remember 6 weeks in a row being invited to participate in free listings weekends, and then after the new ebay fees announcement and the 20 free listings “Good surprise” nothing.

I suppose the good folks at eBay have had a few things on their mind what with the hacking issue and trying to get everyone to change their passwords and all.  It seems that they have that under control enough to give all of us private sellers 100 free listings.  Woohoo!

Ebay Free Listing Weekend 14 15 June 2014

I logged into my account a little after midnight and found that I had 100 free listings for either auction style of fixed price.  I prefer these types of promotions because I almost exclusively list fixed price nowadays.

Have you logged in to see if you have been allocated the free listings?  If not log in and check, although I think as it is the first one in a while they will likely not exclude anyone.

As usual there are terms and conditions.

Create up to 100 listing(s) in an eligible category during the promotion period using the auction-style or fixed price format and you won’t pay an insertion fee for each listing during the promotion period.

Feature fees and final value fees will still apply. The number of listings eligible under this promotion may be less where seller restrictions apply.

If you are at all anything like me you will be listing whilst watching the football.  Oh how I love the world cup!

Ebay Free Listing Weekend 14 15 June 2014